For information on industrial applications using 2K Commercial or Fast Dry Enamel paint types visit RAL COLOURS

How much paint will I need?

  • 1 Panel - 250mL

  • 2 Panels - 500mL

  • Repaint - 4 Litres (approximate, depends on vehicle size)

Where do I find my paint code?

You can find the paint code for your vehicle on a plate, normally located in the engine bay. It will also have other identifying information on the vehicle such as the chassis number. On some makes, the plate may be found in other places including the door shut or in the rear compartment.

You can also check your paint code on the Mipa website:


You can contact Chemspec:

If you are not sure of the paint code you can enter the manufacturer and type of colour in the "Colour Name" box to find a selection of possible codes e.g. if it is a blue colour enter blue* in the "Colour Name" box and it will find all paint codes which include blue in their colour names by that manufacturer. Don't forget to put the asterisk on the end of the name.